Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Use

In accordance with the online service agreement of our website, sexarena, some relevant terms and conditions have been laid that must be read and understood carefully by one and all. No matter what type of data you access on this website, you must accept and agree to the following terms and conditions:
We, here at sexarena, first ensure that our customers are 18 years and above. Once confirmed, we then only sell our products. If one is found purchasing our items below this specified age limit, the order will not be accepted. The user must, therefore, specify his/her actual age limit to place the order successfully.

In case, a customer gets an inappropriate or wrong product, he/she must let us know in 48 hours. Under any circumstance, if he/she fails to inform within this specified time limit, the request for return will not be granted.

In case, a customer sends a request for a product to be returned, we will replace it. Under any circumstance, we will not refund the money.

If it is found that a customer had already used a product and then sending a return request for it, we will not accept it at any cost. Keeping in mind the importance of health and hygiene, we make sure to sell only fresh products.

The products we sell are meant for personal use. We do not intend to sell our products for any business purpose. Since our motive is to promote sexual wellness, we are strictly against sharing these products with any outsider.

If any sort of damage is caused to the parcel and the customer is liable for it, any sort of return request will not be entertained. Since sexarena will not be answerable for this damage, a request for request for return will not be taken.