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Buy Sex Toys in India: It all happened in the year 2018 when we thought of making people aware of sexual wellness. Equipped with a team of professionals, we went ahead and created our online adult sex toys store in Gurgaon, Sexarena. We commenced our journey in the city of Gurgaon and neighboring locations. The responses we got during the initial six months were good. Based on this, we got the confidence to reach out to other cities throughout India. We headed to cities like Surat, Rajkot and Thane. Also, we treaded the paths of Faridabad, Noida, Rohtak, Sonipat, Ghaziabad and other places apart from buying sex toys in Gurgaon. 

When our orders started building up, we made it a point this time to hit the metros. Hence, we did a fair job in Gurgaon where we came across a fair percentage of buyers going for rabbit vibrators. Likewise, we got a superb response from glass dildo buyers as well as those going for BDSM in Delhi.

Currently, Sexarena has succeeded in serving people from almost all cities in India. Today, it owns over 1000 products, advanced erotic gadgets along with a unique range of sex accessories for men, women and couples.


Why Choose Sexarena among other Online Stores?

Sexarena has a brilliant collection of adult toys and accessories of superior quality. Apart from this, our online adult toy store sustains the highest degree of safety for its customers.

So, here are a few factors that make shopping from Sexarena stand out. Have a look:

Non-toxic Products: Sexarena deals with solely non-toxic products so that users can stay away from skin complications 

Unique Variety of Accessories: The range of sex toys in Gurgaon is vast and available for both men and women

Customer Care Assistance: Sexarena has a customer care support department where one can call and request for an order or sort out any query.

Safe Methods to Pay: You can avail the most flexible payment modes while shopping here. One can opt to pay cash on delivery or make online payment through debit/credit card for buying sex toys in Gurgaon.

Discreet Delivery: For every order accepted at Sexarena, it assures to deliver it in the most discreet manner.  


How to Place an Order at Sexarena?

When it comes to shopping at Sexarena, people are sure to stay easy. Here are two ways in which an order can be placed while buying sex toys in Gurgaon at Sexarena:

1. Directly order from the Website

Sexarena has the most hassle-free ordering procedures. This procedure relates to ordering from the store just like one does from an e-commerce store. There are simple steps to follow and proceed towards making payment for ordering.

2. Call a Customer Care Representative

Sexarena is aware of the significance of customer satisfaction. Hence, it has a team of customer care executives who are always ready to assist and solve queries. With deep knowledge on all products and smart solutions for all queries, they are always ready to help. They just need relevant details which they verify to process the order.


What Type of Sex Toys are Available at Sexarena?

Sexarena is here to make all singles and couples happy in bed. Hence, it has got all types of products to meet diverse erotic purposes. Hence, we have got such sex toys in Gurgaon that would keep everyone sexually satisfied.


Female Sex Toys

Sexarena is pleased to bring all those hot ladies a fantastic collection of female sex toys. Out of these, there are not only toys but accessories and needy stuff as well.

Toys for Girls

Here comes a stunning collection of female sex toys that include trendy bullet vibrators, advanced sex machines, electro sex toys, realistic vibrators, vibrating massagers and so on.

Accessories for Girls

This section deals with exclusive adult accessories for women that would help them to enhance their erotic desires. So, women will find here nipple vibrators, steel rings, vibrating underwear, silicone breast prosthesis, breast silicone bra and pad, and what not.

Needs for Girls

There are several things girls need to not only brace them up in bed but also to look attractive. Here one will come across products like enlargement machines, breast enlargement cream, artificial hymen and more.


Male Sex Toys

Men will be much stronger this time in bed as they would now be able to choose from an outstanding collection of male sex toys in Gurgaon. Check out the latest collection as well as the newest range of accessories for men: 

Toys for Boys

Men will love shopping under this subcategory as here they would find here a plethora of adult toys for men. Here one would come across male masturbation toys, male strokers, big artificial vagina, silicone dolls, male masturbators and more. These adult sex toys for male assure full-proof safety and pure enjoyment at the same time. 

Needs for Boys

Men also need certain adult products to ensure happiness and confidence. So, this subcategory brings all such needy stuff for men like penis enlargement cream, boys sex kit, enlargement machine, penis sleeves etc.


Couple Sex Toys in Gurgaon

Couples just love to experiment in order to shower their love on each other. So, this category is for all those partners who are up for fresh erotic experiments in bed. This online sex toy shop will bring couples everything ranging from strap-on, toy cleaner to anal dildos, butt plugs, anal beads and more. 

The ‘For Couple’ category will bring all such across products and that also at the cheapest prices. There is nothing like the quality of these products and also their durability.


Other Products for Other Purposes

Sexarena understands that different people have different intentions in bed. So, here are some more products available at our online adult entertainment store in Gurgaon:


Party Sex Toys in Gurgaon

If you have sex in mind and you want to have a blast in bed, our party toys will be great to lift your mood. Our range of party toys includes everything from our BDSM toys like chastity lock, handcuff, leather whip, bondage chair to kinky pleasure items and fun stuff. 

It’s not only singles but couples too will benefit from the collection of party toys here. The pheromone sprays and scented erotic candles are not to be missed here.


Lube and Herbal Sex Toys in Gurgaon

The value of using natural things is always precious for one’s health and happiness. The lube and herbal category brings both singles and couples the most natural adult products in Gurgaon for men and women. Try our herbal sexy products along with delay sprays Thai massage oils, etc.

Also, couples can try the arousal gels and lubes as well. These are all made of skin-friendly ingredients that would cause no harm to one’s sex life.   


Long Distance Sex Toys in Gurgaon

An ideal gadget for couples who wish to get naughty from long distances is the app control vibrator. These are technically enriched mini bullet vibrators that are made to run through a smartphone application. It gets connected between two users with the help of Bluetooth.

A magical vibrator, this lovemaking gadget will help partners connect so smoothly. It is indeed a superb vibrator for couples.


Pay Safe and Get Delivery Secretly

Sexarena has been earning praises since a long time for its professionalism to deliver products discreetly at people’s doorstep. Wherever in India the order is placed, the delivery is always done in the most confidential manner. 

Even when the payments are concerned, one can always pay quite flexibly. There is not only cash on delivery but one can also pay online through his debit or credit card while shopping at Sexarena.


Sexarena has Bagged Huge Revenues By Selling Sex Toys In Gurgaon And Other Cities in India

Sexarena has done a phenomenal job in the last 3 years. Apart from all cities, selling sex toys in Surat, Rajkot and Thane has brought a major impact in sales. Let’s know about this scenario a bit:


Sex Toys in Surat

One of the locations where Sexarena made a rocking entry and pulled up profits is Surat. We came across all sorts of users using various types of adult sex toys in Surat:

45% male users looking for cock rings

42% women said they are happy with vibrators

46% couples found strap-on to be quite amusing


Sex Toys in Rajkot

We were happy to serve so many people using sex toys in Rajkot. This time we found more women expressing interest to try vibrators and sex machines.

Out of 58% women, there were 36% singles who were keen to try G-spot vibrators

The remaining 22% were married women who said bullet vibrators satisfied them the most 

33% women in couples showed interest for nipple clamps


Sex Toys in Thane

Thane has always met our expectations as we have mostly come across people with modern mindset. For instance, we came across couples asking for app control vibrators, and men looking for silicone dolls among the sex toys in Thane.

37% men said silicone dolls meet the highest satisfaction level

32% women who have partners staying in other cities opted for app control vibrators

36% couples said BDSM was the most enjoyable form of erotic love  


Some Unique Sex Toys at Sexarena Deserve Attention

Sexarena presents all male and female some outstanding sex toys that deserve to be added to one’s intimate moments. Let’s have a quick look:


1. Music Vibrators

Music brings both fun and passion at the same time for women. So, Sexarena takes this opportunity to bring music vibrators of brilliant quality and exceptional features.


2. Male Masturbation Toys

Men will always love to masturbate, no matter when the world ends. Have a look at some fabulous male masturbation toys in Gurgaon here at Sexarena that are sure to give men new ideas to please themselves.


3. Anal Dildos

Anal sex is common among couples but the collection of anal dildos here is definitely out of the box. These dildos come in different colours, shapes, patterns and textures. Never miss browsing them if you are really thirsty for anal sex.


4. Silicone Love Dolls

The love for sex dolls in Gurgaon among men seems to be growing with the passage of time. The love dolls here at Sexarena are too real to believe. The moment you make them lie on your bed, you will find it hard to stop an erection.


5. App Control Vibrators

If you have been wondering where to find an eye-catching variety of bondage toys and accessories, it is all here at Sexarena. Pick any of the models because these comprise modern mechanisms and operate quite smoothly just when the app is installed correctly.


6. Vibrating Massager

Who says no to erotic massages? In fact, women just love taking erotic massages, and a vibrating massager will be best to deliver the same. Amongst several vibrating massagers, girls can go for the Mini Vibrating Massager, Palm Magic Wand, Magic Wand Vibrator etc.


7. Strap-on

If couples hadn’t worn a strap-on before to make love to each other, this product would be no doubt be great. The dildo attached to it can come with a vibrator attached while some come with no vibrators. Some considerable srap-ons here can be the are the Butterfly Remote Control Strap On Vibrator, Shag Me Strap on Dildo Vibrator and the Wearable Solid Dildo.


8. Personal Lubricant and Arousal Gel

The safest and high-quality herbal sex products are now available at reasonable prices at the online sex toys store. Some of the products to try include Penis Enlargement Cream, Toy Cleaners, Thai Herbal products, Desensitizers, Breast Enlargement Cream, and more.


Final Thoughts

Apart from these sex toys, Sexarena sells plenty more and that also at the most economical price. It not only sells but also promises to deliver every product with confidentiality. So, when it comes to keeping things discreet, this online sex toy store in India does a wonderful job. 

For any query, one is welcomed to contact the sales executives at the customer care department. 

We would serve you with professionalism, warmth and pleasure.

Thank you!

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You help other people in their purchases by sharing your experience.

Gauri R.
Joyful nights with this vibrator
My nights are now exciting and the credit goes to the rabbit vibrator I bought recently. The length of the toy is very impressive and it slowly gets inside the private area and makes me happy. I like the various speed present inside the toy that stimulates me like anything.
Moderated on 10/02/2021.
Sheela N.
Online shop helped me a lot
I am having a wonderful collection of mature toys and so to update it I bought an exclusive rabbit vibrator from this website. The toy is long enough and has 7 different vibrating modes that make the pleasure double. The toy is also an awesome stimulator that makes the nights enjoyable.
Moderated on 09/23/2021.
Shikha P.
I am very satisfied with this product
I am living my life fully as I have a high-quality mature toy that looks very real-like. The toy is long and hits the pleasure point without difficulty. The thickness is also very good and I can inflate it as per my wish.
Moderated on 09/23/2021.
Sumita J.
What an innovative product
The exciting feel is now twice by using the realistic wand. The innovative design along with the perfect soft body is just outstanding. In fact, I can’t stop myself from getting pleasure by using the adult toys every night.
Moderated on 09/14/2021.
Rinku B.
This product is quite good
I am making my nights extraordinary by using a fantastic wand that is very long. The softness and the colour of the toy are very nice and my favourite.
Moderated on 09/14/2021.
Joyita S.
Unique designed vibrator
Yeah, I am super duper excited to have a unique vibrator with two dildos. My college pal suggested this one to me. So, buying it was an easy task for me. Playing with it is an extraordinary experience for me. I can really enjoy all the nights by experimenting with dual dildos.
Moderated on 09/14/2021.
Radhika J.
It can be cleaned easily by using water
Hello girls, I am single and was upset as well. But when I found this amazing vibrating toy, I was speechless. Nights are now filled up with various naughty games with this long and pleasurable toy. The best part of this toy is that it is east to operate.
Moderated on 08/19/2021.
Lalitha B.
I love this naughty mature toy
I am a married woman and I live alone in my flat. Hence, I was looking for a unique mature toy. Luckily, my search came to an end as I got this two-in-one mature toy from this online. It tease my private parts by the vibrating modes and I have quicker orgasms by playing with this massager.
Moderated on 08/19/2021.
Aman R.
It helped me to retain the quality of the toy and prevented the bacterial growth on the surface of the toy
I was ignorant of the fact that mature toys need proper toy cleaner. Hence, I used only water and any random soap. As a result, some of my toys are ruined and the rest was about to. Thank God, as I found this toy cleaner on this website.
Moderated on 08/19/2021.
Bandhna B.
They kept the promise and delivered swiftly to my doorstep
No one will ever be ignoring such a perfect stimulator like this. The classy look of the device stooped me from further scrolling for a stimulator. The vibes are excellent and make me go crazy with wild desires.
Moderated on 08/02/2021.
Sana L.
My life has changed after I bought this anal dildo
Yes, the silver colour dildo is having beads that add some extra sensations to the body. My husband gifted it to me. Now every night the enjoyment reaches to a different level. Both of us enjoy together as I become naughtier with the vibes.
Moderated on 08/02/2021.
Saba J.
It is very easy to use
I am overexcited to have this app controlled vibrator. As both I and my husband stay in two different places, we can spend some quality time together. With the help of Smartphone only the device can be operated.
Moderated on 07/15/2021.
Abdul R.
I can feel the changes after use it
Life was not so happening till I got this awesome product from this website. This cream is superb to deal with my intimate problem. Trust me regular massage is giving positive results as well. Moreover, the delivery was discreet and swift too.
Moderated on 07/06/2021.
Sangeeta k.
It gives me satisfaction whenever I play with it
My life feels incomplete if I don’t get proper stimulation. So, I bought this awesome pussy pump from this website. The contractions make me go wild with desires and I become very naughty. Even my boyfriend loves it as this device brings out the inner desires quite easily.
Moderated on 07/06/2021.
Juhi P.
Best bullet vibrator at the minimun price
My happiness has doubled as I have this amazing vibrator. The egg-shaped vibrator gets inside me and the wireless remote controls it effectively. Both I and my partner enjoy playing naughty games by using this bullet vibrator. The on-time delivery is also good.
Moderated on 06/19/2021.
Mr. Amit J.
You will be party main attention with this perfume
Nothing can beat the charm of a man with this covertly kiss perfume. Guys, I tried it for many time and till date it worked like a magic. This is my second time purchase and I am very much excited to grab the attention of someone once more with this perfume.
Moderated on 06/09/2021.
Shahil P.
Wow! just looks like real
Is this not a real girl? Yes, I said it when I saw it for the 1st time. It is really seductive and I can’t take my eyes off the doll. The red lips with the broad open mouth are so erotic that I really love this part of this doll the most. I must admit that each and every body part is real-like.
Moderated on 06/09/2021.
Lilly n.
Playing with this vibrator is really a fun
I have already a good collection of vibrators. But this one is really something I had never seen before. The pink colour body is long enough and the bended body has tentacle all over it. Whenever I put it inside my vagina, I can’t keep myself calm and become very wild.
Moderated on 06/09/2021.
Dhiraj R.
It is herbal there is no skin problem also
My personal life is now better than before. Each night I apply a little amount of desensitizer on the tip of my penis and in no time I can feel the erection. Even I last longer on bed and can satisfy my wife totally. My penis has also increased in size by few inches after using a month.
Moderated on 05/19/2021.
Ankit R.
I finally found this product your website
I had an undersized penis which made me shy to start any relationship. After searching for a lot of solutions, I finally found this on your website. It not only helped to grow my penis but also helped to keep the erection for longer. The electric shocks are moderate and controllable. It is safe and pleasurable to use as well. As a whole, this device has given my confidence back to me.
Moderated on 05/19/2021.
Nikki Y.
Best quality product at affordable price
Previously I had tried 3 types of female adult toys on myself. However, this is a gift from my boyfriend. You won’t believe the level of satisfaction I get from this device. The dildo is massive and it also hits the pleasure point effectively every time. The wires help to control the speed and let me enjoy various types of rhythms as well. The operations are controlled by him that makes us enjoy together.
Moderated on 05/04/2021.
Advika t.
Its helps me to make crazy
I love manual toys more than vibrators. That’s why I purchased this realistic non-vibrating dildo for self-pleasure. The long and soft wand is very efficient to touch the deep pleasure point and makes me achieve orgasms quickly. Not only in solos, I love using it with the help of my partner also. Thanks guys for the quick delivery!
Moderated on 04/23/2021.
Lily G.
Awesome vibrator at a low price
Amazing thing to find at your store! I will always admit that finding the G-spot has always been a challenge for me. But using this vibrator left me speechless. Worthy in terms of usage, comfort, satisfaction and even price! Thank you guys that you delivered at my doorstep exactly where I wanted!!
Moderated on 04/07/2021.
Kapil M.
Amazing doll at minimum price
What a doll!! I have always dream about getting naughty with such a body. Honestly, I just want to see her getting laid with me every night. Her silicone body is also quite soft and doesn’t create discomfort while cuddling. There is no doubt that it is apt for men who want lust like anything.
Moderated on 04/07/2021.
Dipti M.
Wow.. what a amazing product for female
I never imagined such products exist. I wondered how on earth one would not come to know that I have lost my virginity. Finally, the miracle happened and I was saved by a whisker. Thanks to you guys for making it available when I needed it. For beginners, it is quite easy to wear. Take time and wear it. Wear it properly so that it stays tight.
Moderated on 04/07/2021.
Satyendra .
Best herbal product
I was really upset with my undersized penis as my partner is unsatisfied with it. Then with God’s grace I found an incredible spray on your website which resolved my concern to some extent. Just spraying a little on the top of my penis my erection happens in no time and my bedroom time has started to last longer than before. Now, I take the control on bed to make lovemaking spicier.
Moderated on 03/22/2021.
Raghu T.
It looks like a realistic female.. Amazing
I am cuddling her again and again. It looks like a realistic female with soft sensitive areas. Moreover, when I dress her up in some sexy lingerie, I can’t control myself from making love with her. The flexibility of the figure also leaves me restless to try different positions of making out with her. One more thing I loved about your website is the packaging which has been done perfectly in a standard delivery box.
Moderated on 03/13/2021.
Emily P.
Super natural feeling vibrator for female
Music is my weakness and so I bought this product. It brings out my eroticism with an incredible musical experience. The beats perfectly sync and produce vibes that deliver quicker orgasms in my genitals. I can even control the gadget effortlessly with the help of my smartphone. This is my second purchase and I am in love with this wonderful, wireless music vibrator.
Moderated on 03/04/2021.
Rajib J.
I'm so happy to use this one product
I am so happy to quench my thirst with two girls together. Never thought it would be possible some day. I will always recommend this to all those men who crave to have fun with girls in bed. I was even impressed to find the private parts quite realistic. The box was securely packed and no one came to know about it.
Moderated on 02/27/2021.
Hritika R.
What a great product for female
A super duper vibrator without any doubt! I really enjoyed playing with it and did not get hurt. The material is absolutely skin-friendly. Any girl who wants to get horny on bed will love playing with this gadget. I am so happy about the delivery made as it was completely discreet. Great job guys!
Moderated on 02/18/2021.
Kimaya B.
Product is made by silicone
The types of vibrators are not what I have got like this. It actually stimulates the clitoris so well and not just for the name it bears. The 5.3 inch length is good enough to penetrate and bring an orgasm. Quite a sturdy material as it is made of silicone. The price is a bit higher but I love the results it assures.
Moderated on 02/09/2021.
Mr. R.
What a awesome beauty skin lubricating gel for female
I was always skeptical about using gels on my skin. But this Beauty Skin Lubricating Gel is so safe and harmless. There are no burning sensations and I can take those thrusts so smoothly. No side effects for me till now. The results will vary I guess from person to person. But it works brilliantly.
Moderated on 02/09/2021.
Mr. R.
Really awesome product for couples
A fantastic stuff for all couples who want to have some exclusive fun! We honestly had a blast with each other and would love to do so at least thrice a week. Really good quality and quite sturdy no doubt! I will always recommend this strap-on for all types of couples who want to try out something different.
Moderated on 02/09/2021.
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