Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We here at Sexarena preserve a set of privacy policies that are applicable for all individuals who want to access our services. These policies are to be read, understood and adhered to. For any queries or suggestions, one can mail us at [email protected].

Safeguarding information plays a big role in sustaining the image of our store. This is why we make it a point to keep our customer’s information confidential. Be it one’s name, address or age, we do not disclose any information of any of our customers to anyone. So, those who visit our website remain an anonymous user. So, only when you log in to our website, you will be identified.

We not only accumulate data but also process them so that it becomes convenient for you to buy products from our site. This would also help you to ask for claims, if any. We take details like the user’s name, gender, email address, address for product delivery, mobile number, postal address, fax number, payment details, bank account details or debit/credit card details into consideration.

We need data for not only collecting payments from customers but also for managing the website, access specific areas of the website, identify malpractices on the site, send relevant information on our products and services in regard to the website. So, whatever data you provide to our agent must be correct and updated.

We also require updated order details of customers. For this, one can always log in through his/her account and access the information. However, each and every data you access should never be shared with anyone. If you share with even a third party under any circumstance, we will not be held responsible for any complications reported later.

In regard to our data sharing with third parties, we never do so without the customer’s consent. We take into consideration the most authentic payment methods. In fact, our Fraud Prevention policies are accredited to these companies.

Personal data of customers might often be utilized for market research and opinion. In such cases where customers are willing to take part in competitions, they might be required to provide some personal details. With these personal data, we will promote our offers and declare winners as well.

We preserve both technical and security measures for safeguarding unauthorized access to your data. To collect data through the website, we collect all your personal details through an authentic server. These servers are all protected with firewalls and assure full-proof security, especially when financial transactions are made electronically.

We have the copyright for this Privacy Policy that prohibits the interference of third parties for commercial gains. If needed, we might take legal steps for law violations. Also, we hold the authority to make relevant changes, exclude or include clauses in this policy.